Help the RNC help you

One of the things that became very clear during this past election is that, while the Dems had an essentially meaningless political message (since “change” and “hope” don’t describe either ideology or policy), they were superb at getting that message to resonate amongst the electorate.  The RNC has now had the smart idea of asking the conservative electorate to give it ideas about which messages will resonante.  It’s a good idea to talk to the voters and find out what matters to them and the way in which the message can best be shaped to reach them.  Accordingly, the RNC has set up a special website called RNC Grassroots, aimed at helping you, the voter, shape this grassroots appeal.

And if you want to help me, you can contribute your ideas using the form in this blog, which will give the RNC the idea that I’m something of a player: