Yup, another open thread

I could blame my blog silence today on work, carpooling, martial arts, cooking, shopping, etc., but it was really that I had nothing to say.  I’ve got a lot of random thoughts chasing around in my head, but none of them seems to be enough for a single post.  In no particular order:

North Korea is trying to see if Obama really is a paper tiger.

I can’t believe the Obama administration is as incompetent as it appears (as in foreign policy, for example), and am wondering if this is some Machiavellian scheme to end the world as we know it.

I think Obama is a sociopath.

The Obama presidency is the reductio ad absurdum of affirmative action.

I’m hoping the tea parties will be so huge the media will be forced to look — not because I care about the media, but because I care that non-politicized Americans figure out what’s going on.  It’s true that Daniel Hannan’s speech went viral without the BBC playing along, but what you discover if you read his website is that he’s been giving lots of similar speeches, and has been consistently ignored.  It was sheer dumb luck this one ignited.  I don’t want to wait for dumb luck to ignite ordinary Americans.  I want them outraged now.

And how do you get Americans to clue into the fact that the only thing good about universal health care in other nations is the propaganda attached to it?  Talk to anyone from Canada or Britain or various parts of Europe and just listen to them rage about their inadequate care.  Americans have amazingly good care and have been lied to too often to realize that fact.

I want to share with you some passages from Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, which was written in 1951, and is amazingly prescient, not just about Islamists, but about the whole Obama movement.  However, I really don’t have time right now to do long quotations.  That will have to wait for another day.

I’m thrilled that Mark Levin’s book, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, is doing so well on Amazon (and, I would assume, on other best seller lists), and can’t wait to read it myself.

Mine is the best dog in the world.  Everyone should have one creature in their lives capable of giving so much pleasure and requiring so little effort in return!  (Although here’s a story of a dog — a volunteer, untrained dog, yet — even more wonderful than mine.)

Professionally speaking, I have to say that it’s nice to write a legal brief so good that, even if it doesn’t win, you and your client know it should have won.