Just thought you’d want to know

Because I don’t want to start cooking, and am actively procrastinating, I amused myself checking out how many hits all of the videos showing Susan Boyle performing her Les Miserables song have garnered.  (I ignored all the other videos of interviews, and people’s reactions, etc.)  As of 3:45 PST on April 19, my handy-dandy calculator tells me that 56,448,503 people have watched Susan Boyle.  Wow!

As for me, I would be very surprised if Simon Cowell didn’t know in advance what was coming down the pike.  He’s too smart a showman not to have been tipped off.  Nevertheless, Piers’ and Amanda’s reactions might have been genuine, the live audience’s reaction (traveling as it did from sneering to ecstacy) was geniuine, Susan’s persona is genuine, and the worldwide reverberations of her seven minutes on TV have definitely been genuine.  It’s a very interesting, and quite enjoyable, phenomenon to watch.