Roxana Saberi

One of the things I periodically try to do at this blog is get away from political labels and focus on the core difference between governments:  lots of government control versus less government control.  I prefer the latter, although I’m not foolish enough to crave absolute anarchy.  Iran is an example of the former, as filtered through a theocratic mold.

The latest outrage (for those keeping count) is Iran’s decision to sentence American journalist Roxana Saberi to 8 years in an Iranian prison for “espionage.”  So far, the Obama government has been almost completely silent about this attack on an American citizen, but I’d like to think that the administration is working diligently behind the scenes to secure her release.

Until then, it’s up to us, the public, to make a noise about Roxana.  Michelle Malkin is sponsoring a blog burst as part of that noise, so considering me a little pop and fizzle aimed to highlighting how one of the ultimate statist regimes in the world treats people unlucky enough to fall into disfavor while in its ambit.  Realize, too, that once it acquires nuclear weapons, its disapproving ambit expands exponentially.