Obama administration shows itself both stupid and duplicitous when it comes to Israel

Those of us who were paying attention knew that Obama was lying during the campaign season when he claimed that he was Israel’s best friend.  The words sounded pretty, but we knew about (a) his nonexistent track record supporting Israel in the Senate and (b) his affiliations with people (Wright, Powers, etc.) who demonize Israel and long for her destruction at the hands of the surrounding Muslim nations.  Jews, blinded by the liberalism that has overtaken any true sense of Jewish affiliation or actual love for Israel, voted for Obama in droves — probably making the difference between his winning and losing.

Well, American Jews voted and Israel is paying the price.  Obama, of course, was lying through his teeth when he said he supported Israel.  In the 100 plus days since he’s taken office, he’s kowtowed to those same nations that threaten Israel’s very existence, and shown Israel the coldest of cold shoulders.

Nos, he’s going from duplicitous and cruel to stupid.  His latest initiative is to force Israel to admit that she has nuclear weapons (one of history’s worst kept, but still strategically important, secrets), so that he can force her into disarmament.  His (and his administration’s) asinine reasoning is that Israel and Iran will then have parity and, ultimately, both can be forced to disarm.

Obama and team, of course, miss one fundamental thing about the nuclear weapons situation in the Middle East.  As surrounding nations understand, Israel will never use the weapons offensively.  She will only use them defensively. They are her sole deterent.

The other nations also understand that, much as they loath Israel’s existence, which is a continuing canker in their hearts and minds, she does not offer any existential threat to them.  The reverse is not true.  We know that every nation in the region desires Israel’s destruction and there is every reason to believe that Iran, once it goes nuclear, will use the weapons offensively against Israel.  There is no parity, and forcing Israel to put her weapons on the table (so to speak), will not create any.

The other thing that Obama fails to understand is that, even if Israel is forced to show her hand and the pressure is on for disarmament, Iran will never disarm.  It will lie, lie, lie, and lie again to ensure that it continues to have a usable weapons stock pile.  While Israel’s goal is a simple one:  to stay alive, Iran has a much more sophisticated set of three-tiered goals.  Its first goal is Israel’s destruction; second, it seeks Middle East domination; and third, it desires world domination.  Israel and all of the other nations in the Middle East understand Iran’s first two goals.  Obama and team, despite their myriad degrees, don’t seem to understand any of Iran’s goals.

It will be interesting to see if Israel can withstand Obama’s pressure.  I’m reasonably optimistic that, with Netanyahu at the helm, Israel understands what Obama is doing and understands what will happen if he gets away with it, and will resist this threat.  I also think that, under the rubric of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” allegiances are going to start shifting in the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, etc., may hate Israel, but they fear a nuclear Iran even more than they hate Israel.  My long-held suspicion since Obama’s election (which instantly meant Israel lost her only friend) is that Saudi Arabia, somehow or other, is going to give Israel cover for an attack against Iran.