Idle question about the Dems and the CIA

The Politico headlines reveal that the Dems are picking a direct fight with the CIA.  Pelosi says they lied to her, while the Dem leadership is accusing the CIA of breaking laws.

My idle question is this:  Is it wise to pick a fight with those who ferret out and keep the secrets?  Bush never attacked the CIA and they set out to destroy him anyway, in part because they felt he made them look bad by revealing their failed intelligence in Iraq.  While the CIA (to put it politely) may have a Democratic tilt, it’s primarily a “look out for yourself organization.”  There’s no way in H-E-double toothpicks that CIA operatives are going to sit by while the Democrats, from the president on down, impugn their collective integrity and threaten them with criminal action.

My answer to my own question is that this was an incredibly stupid move on the Dems’ part.  If they were wise, they’d drop it and work hard to make amends.  Since wisdom seems beyond them, they’re just digging deeper and deeper.