Carrie Prejean: Not a hypocrite

As one of the weapons in its arsenal against Carrie Prejean, the attack media has dug up the fact that both her parents, during their obviously rancorous divorce, hurled charges at the other regarding homosexuality, and now another paper alleges that Prejean’s mother walked away from a lesbian affair.  No magazine has yet claimed that Prejean herself has been involved in a lesbian affair.  The implication of all these reports, of course, is that Prejean, with her background, is a gross hypocrite for daring to state politely that she favored traditional marriage.

Aside from the fact that Prejean is (so far as we know) not herself a lesbian nor is she married, so she cannot be deemed a hypocrite for preventing others from living a life she herself enjoys, there is nothing hypocritical about gays supporting civil unions without supporting the cultural sea change of gay marriage.  There is nothing inherently hypocritical in being gay, or having friends who are gay, but still have a reasoned, principle opposition to changing the age-old, religiously charged institution of male/female marriage.