I wonder if God’s name was mentioned once at this “sermon”

Wright crawled out from under the bus to give a “sermon” at Glide Memorial in SF, a “church” more famous for its activism, than its religion.  Wright’s “sermon” was in keeping with the “church’s” mission, which is political, not religious:

In a half-hour, high-energy sermon, sprinkled with spontaneous songs, jokes and impersonations, Wright admonished the under-40 generation that Obama’s ascent to the White House is not the culmination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of equality for all.

“King did not dream that one person would become president, he talked about all people,” Wright said. “We still have a broken health care system, working poor, an education system that misleads our people … Gaza, Darfur and Sudan, and in California, you have Prop. 8.”

And apropos my increasing sense that Obama is a Manchurian candidate, created out of whole cloth, “Pastor” Amos Brown had this info for his congregants:

Brown called Wright a “scholar, gentleman and great builder of people,” and said that Obama would not have been elected had Wright not helped introduce him to influential people in Chicago.