The Manchurian candidate strikes again

Hitting on many of the same points I did in my analysis of Obama’s Cairo speech, Frank Gaffney makes the compelling argument that, whether Obama is a believing Muslim or just an ideologue, he has aligned himself in significant ways with the Muslim world, and clearly hopes to drag America in the sharia direction.  Even those who were most rosy in their predictions about Obama the Wonderful probably didn’t think they were buying this product.

As for that last point, I am becoming increasingly convinced that Obama is a plant.  (And yes, I know I sound completely paranoid, but bear with me.)  There are things about this man that just don’t add up:

1.  He is touted as the most charismatic, charming person ever to hit the White House yet absolutely no one from his past seems to remember him.  Aside from the political operatives who cultivated him, we’ve had virtually no testimonials (positive or negative) from old classmates, colleagues, friends or neighbors.  His invisibility is bizarre enough, but it’s especially weird considering his alleged charm.

2.  He is touted as the most brilliant wordsmith ever, with the proof being his two autobiographies.  Aside from the ego part of two autobiographies from a man who was a no one when he wrote the first and barely a someone when he wrote the second, others have commented on how weirdly out of keeping they are with his other written and spoken work.

When Obama speaks off the cuff, his speech is grammatically incorrect and often incoherent, peppered with ungainly “uhs” and “ums” and “you knows.”  He also resorts to ghetto boasting and threats.  The only time he sounds good is when he’s reciting a memorized speech, as he did in 2004, when he leaped into national prominence.  As for his writing, aside from the two books, he never wrote a note for Law Review, his youthful poetry attempt is appalling, and his one joint note with other law students is stultifying.  Something’s wrong here.

3.  He is touted as the most brilliant thinker ever, yet he’s incapable of traveling without TOTUS, so much so that he even needs TOTUS in what are supposed to be open-ended question and answer sessions.  Scarily, even with TOTUS, he can’t keep things straight.  He is also a fount of scary misinformation on every subject known to man (here’s just the most recent example, but you’ll find the bulk of the errors collected in Hot Air’s Obamateurism columns), although its a question whether these errors arise because he’s uneducated (despite those fancy degrees), misinformed, or genuinely committed to falsehoods for political advantage.

4.  He, and his acolytes, cried “foul” (well, really, they cried “racism”) when conservatives dared to use his middle name (that would be “Hussein”), when they asked questions about his Muslim youth, and when they pointed to the fact that many of his friends and advisors were radical Islamists or fellow travelers.  However, as Gaffney coherently sums up, Obama is giving every indication that he is himself either a Muslim or a fellow traveler.

In other words, nothing is as it seems.  Obama’s followers boast of his virtues, but the facts don’t bear them out.  His past hints at an angry nobody, with limited talents.  His present shows us an angry somebody, with limited talents.  As Gertrude Stein once said of Oakland (and might have been honest enough to say of Obama), there’s no there there.

Still, to the extent Obama’s walking around the West Wing and apologizing around the world, how did this nobody scale the heights?  Does he have as his true talent a feral opportunism that enables him to float along on political tides, without any single body guiding, pushing or dragging him?  Or is there a single intelligence (not his own) that has long been behind this man, shaping him, creating a history for him, and controlling his thoughts and actions in the White House?

And yes, I know this sounds utterly paranoid, but I simply cannot reconcile the touted virtues with the absence of proof of those virtues and, for that reason, I cannot believe that he scaled these dizzying heights on his own.

So, my dear friends, either talk me down from my paranoid mountain top, or direct this conversation elsewhere, or, well, something else….