Woot! Woot! Woot!

At some point today, I passed the 1,000,000 reader mark!  That’s very cool. I know, though, that most of those hits are of the hit-and-run variety, from people who check something out and never return.  They’re good for the numbers, but not good for my soul.

What’s good for my soul is my regular readers (and you know who you are), all of whom have helped me achieve a lifelong dream.  (And, funnily enough. I only realized that fact this very second.)  Let me explain:

When I was young, I read about Madame de Stael and her famous salon.  Madame de Stael was renowned, not for her beauty, but for hosting a salon which was a meeting place for the brightest intellectual lights in Europe.  She was a magnet for fascinating, intelligent, witty people.  I thought that was a wonderful thing, and dreamed of hosting parties like that in my house.

Over the years, if I ever thought about that career aspiration, I would have told you that it hadn’t come true.  Between the fact that my husband is too tired to socialize and I’m too mediocre a cook to want to inflict my food on my friends, my home is a mecca only for children.  There are no scintillating conversations here (unless you consider going over carpool schedules the height of intellectual sophistication).

What I suddenly figured out this very minute, though, as I was considering those of you who come and comment here on a regular basis, is that I did in fact fulfill my childhood dream.  The only difference is that I didn’t do it in my home.  Instead, I did it in cyberspace.  This blog is my salon and you, my regular readers, are the fascinating, intelligent, witty people who come here and bring it alive.

Thank you so much!