Obama’s hubris

The Anchoress is really angry because all of the horrible things Obama has managed to do (both legally and illegally) in just 150 days.  The same things that make her mad, however, actually cheer me up a bit. Here’s why: Hubris.

Hubris is the hook on which I’m hanging my hat.  Had Obama been less hubristic, he would have acted more slowly and more stealthily, and flown below the radar.  With stealth, he could really have sunk his tentacles into the American psyche and the American political process.  As it is, his ego, Pelosi’s ego, Rahm’s ego, etc., have meant that they cast caution to the winds and thought they had carte blanche to do whatever the Hell they wanted to.  We see 150 days of disaster, but we should also see 150 days of exposing the naked emperor to the American people.