Let your voice be heard on the EPA’s CO2 plans

One of the major problems conservatives face is the limitations of their own nature.  We’re conservative after all.  Our passion is putting our heads down and getting on with the work of life:  earning a living, raising our families, serving our communities.  We tend not to be protesters.  Or more precisely, protesting is not a lifestyle for us.

With the current administration, though, it’s time for us to become more active simply because, if we don’t, we won’t have a living to earn, families to raise, or communities to serve.  The government will have taken it all over, lock, stock and barrel.  (And speaking of locks, stocks and barrels, I bet you suspect, as I do, that the Mullahs would be a bit more cautious if they hadn’t disarmed their citizens.  And speaking of barrels alone, the Mullahs are essentially shooting fish in them, aren’t they?   But I digress.)

Back to the subject of speaking up, we can protest something, and that something is the proposed EPA CO2 regs, which are pretty much a green wet dream.  At Watts Up With That, you can get information about deadlines for comments (June 23), how to make comments, and suggestions for comment contents.

Oooh, one other digression:  Speaking of green, wear green today, not in support of the environment, but in support of the Iranian people.

Hat tip:  American Thinker