No excuses, and things that are inexcusable *UPDATED*

I really like this article from the Anchoress about the need to hold ourselves to high standards (a need, surprisingly that Obama articulated to the NAACP), and Babs Boxer’s grotesque demonstration of what happens when we hold certain segments of our society to low standards.  The Anchoress also has a great laundry list of inexcusable things in the news these days.

UPDATE:  Equally inexcusable are the numbers for the Democrat-owned economy.  AJ Strata carefully explains just how bad things are, so read it only if you have the strength to be depressed.  It says something about the unreal reality in which the Dems live that, despite these numbers, they’re prepared to go ahead with a health care overhaul that is the subject of a “devastating” CBO analysis.