A cop’s eye view *UPDATED*

I appreciate and admire law enforcement.  Since I’m a nice, law-abiding, white female, I’ve never run afoul of the man and women in law enforcement (although I’m not so thrilled about meter maids).  These are people who do a very necessary job and, most of the time, do it with bravery, good cheer, discipline and respect.  They’re not perfect, but I’m old enough not to hold out for perfection.

It’s the imperfection, though, that leaves the loopholes for hostile people to jump through.  At Brutally Honest, Rick has a guest post from a police officer who perfectly describes those lapses from perfection — the imperfect information, the sad mad that turns into a bad mood.  Please read it.  I think the second scenario he describes probably matches closely what happened at that house in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

UPDATE:  Bob Weir, another actual cop, as opposed to a President opining about cops, also talks about how the whole situation at the Gates home probably went down.