DiFi has senior citizens arrested *UPDATED*

What is it with these California political women?  In the morning, Pelosi calls insurance companies villain’s as if she’s in some Victorian melodrama.  And this afternoon, Dianne Feinstein arranges from the arrest of a bunch of senior citizens who were trying to speak with her.

It’s a little unclear just exactly what side of the political spectrum the senior citizens waiting in Dianne Feinstein’s office represented, but one thing is clear:  they were not constituents she wanted to see as part of her prep work for Obama Care.  Rather than meeting with them herself (or having a representative meet with them), she therefore had them arrested:

Los Angeles police Sergeant Rich Brunson said Thursday that at least eight people were being taken into custody and would likely be booked for trespassing and released.

Cate Engel, a spokeswoman for the group California Alliance for Retired Americans, says the activists — all between 55 and 87 years old — wanted to talk to Feinstein about strengthening Medicare and using the program as a model for health reform.

The group arrived at Feinstein’s office around noon and refused to leave her conference room until their arrest more than six hours later.

Even if the oldsters were the worst nut cases around, complete with tin foil head wrapping, it was insanely bad politics to have them hauled off by the police.  Those who commented on the story at the SFGate website (whether coming from the statist or the individualist side of the political spectrum) agree with my take on the matter:

It amazes me that there are still people out there who think Feinstein gives a blessed frock about anyone except her own self-interest. If these folks really want DiFi’s undivided attention they should hire a lobbyist who can throw around a lot of cash.

So what were they arrested for anyway, not leaving her conference room? Shameless to arrest senior citizens wanting to speak to their Senator!

More power to them. I totally feel for these folks who are about to lose what they paid into.

Captain… I suspect they were Protesting the New Death Care Reform… Interesting…

These are also people who likely voted for her and she serves us, her constituents! How dare her office call the police to arrest constituents! What the hell is happening to this country? These f’ing politicians are paying lip service to us and doing the exact opposite by pandering to industry only!!! They already gave away our entire Treasury to these leeches and they won’t even talk to seniors who want an affordable healthcare policy that’s the same as they’re getting? DiFi is history in my book. She either comes back to her voting base or we’re voting her out in the next election (if there even is one). What a total farce. These pols are ripping us off. I’m sick of it and I’m sick of them. They can all go to hell.
Calm down! you should channel your intense anger against the Republicans, Karl Rove and the others who are telling outright LIES against President Obama and his idea of getting healthcare to us.

As to that last one, we were always assured that the anger that characterized the first 8 years of the 21st Century was just because of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Get the government out of the hands of the evil ChimpyBushHitler, the Machiavellian Dick Cheney and the grasping Halliburton, and it would be Utopia R Us, with liberals running through the streets, throwing flowers and singing sweet songs.

Apparently not enough of the BDS crowd got that particular memo.  For them, anger is not so much a matter of principle, as it is a state of mind grounded in perpetual grievance.

UPDATE:  My Mom knew DiFi back in the early 60s, because one of Di’s daughters was in the same preschool as my sister was.  It was a cooperative preschool, with all parents expected to contribute time.  My mom retails two memories of Di:  she was unwilling to contribute time, and she wasn’t friendly.  Sounds as if nothing’s changed.