Turn yourself in with Operation Go Flag Yourself

An important message from Steve Schippert:

Leftists and terrorists have one thing in common: You can scream at ’em, you can argue with ’em, you can chase ’em and you can even shoot ’em. But for God’s sake, just don’t laugh at ’em.

Well, considering the White House’s brazen request for American citizens to “flag” other American citizens by turning their HealthCare content into the White House Dissent Management Bureau via [email protected], this brownshirt tactic needs to be laughed at.

How: Turn yourselves in. All of us and everyone we know. Report yourselves to the White House Dissent Management Czar – and in such volume as to make a mockery of the entire sleazy endeavor.

Think of it as reporting yourself to the local PD for speeding. We’d all be emailing about 5 times per day. Well, every time you have a thought on HealthCare, much less write or speak about it, send the contents of the thoughts/words/conversation to [email protected] .

Operation Go Flag Yourself!

Get busy. This is not a joke, which is why we need to laugh at it. All of us. Often. And discredit it for what it is: A brownshirt tactic from within our own government.


Steve (Pissed Off Beyond Words) Schippert

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UPDATE:  The Obama White House is not the first administration to ask citizens to report suspicious activity.  The Bush White House did too in the wake of 9/11, and the Left went nuts.  (H/t:  The Anchoress.)  I would suggest, though, that there is a difference between reporting potentially criminal or terrorist activity, which is every citizen’s duty in a republic, and reporting thought crimes, which is only a citizen’s duty in totalitarian regimes.