An anti-boycott for Whole Foods

The Whole Foods boycott is ridiculous, because the boycotters have no clear goal, other than to be mean.  I doubt that they’re demanding that Whole Foods entirely restructure its benefits program, especially since employees seem to like the program.  What’s really going on with this boycott is that the protesters are PO’d that the same store that gave them a self-righteous thrill every time they walked through its doors is headed by a man who doesn’t worship at the Obama altar.

One of my friends is doing an anti-boycott by shopping at Whole Foods, a store she normally avoids both because of cost and inconvenience.  I’m planning on doing the same.  Another friend sent me an email with information for providing more direct support in the form of praise:

As you may know, there’s a national boycott of Whole Foods because the CEO John Mackey opposes ObamaCare.  I heard it on the news last night.

I suggest that as many people as possible provide a counter point of  view:   contact Whole Foods and express our support and enthusiasm for shopping there.

The corporate phone numbers are 512 477 5566 or 512 477 4455

fax 512 482 70000 fax.

e mail CEO at [email protected] (I think) or through

Or let the managers know at your local Whole Foods.  I called a manager and she was so shocked when I expressed my support she was silent for several seconds.  I thought we got caught off.  The poor managers are being inundated with nasty calls.  She was so grateful for my call.

This is a great opportunity to offer support to a far left group of people who are being demonized by the Left.  I told her I was a liberal but appalled about what’s going on and how the Left is acting like bullies.  Did a little consciousness raising!

Please forward to others who may be interested.