Matt Burden (Blackfive) is running in Illinois

If you’re a conservative who’s been out in the internet for any length of time, you know Matt Burden, of Blackfive.  Matt has always served his country, first as an Airborne soldier, and lately as a voice for conservative and military thought in the ever-more important blogosphere.  Matt is now making the leap to the next level of service, as he is running for the Illinois House of Representatives.  Matt’s feeling is that, as the National election has put us at the mercy of the worst Illinois politics has to offer, it’s up to Illinois to start serving up the best.

Unlike the last round of Illinois politicians, about whom we knew little (and the more we know, the less we like), Matt is an open book.  His service and his beliefs are there for everyone to see — and, I hope, for most to appreciate.

Because his personality and his beliefs speak for themselves, Matt really only has one major hurdle to cross, and for that he needs your help.  Yup, folks, at the end of the day, it’s always about money.  No matter how good your message, if you’re unable to reach the voters, you may as well sit in a dark closet and twiddle your thumbs.  If you are interested in supporting Matt’s candidacy, whether or not you live in Illinois, you can go here.  I suspect I speak for Matt when I say that no donation is too small.

Good luck, Matt.  I’m rooting for you!