Running from pillar to post

Apologies for the prolonged blog silence today, but I’ve been running from pillar to post since 7 a.m.  Of course, when the pillar is a new, well-paying work assignment, and one of the posts is lunch with both Thomas Lifson, of American Thinker, and Robin of Berkeley, you really can’t complain too much.  It is enormously refreshing to sit down in the same physical space as like minded people.

Thomas, Robin and I shared our mutual concern that Obama is, to say the least, a problematic president.  The real problem, though, is coming up with constructive steps we, as conservatives, can take regarding Obama and the Democratic administration.  It’s fun to whine and moan about the total mental breakdown emanating from the Left and about Obama’s unusual psychology (really fun, ’cause there’s lots of material), but that doesn’t do anything to protect us from long-term damage or to lay the foundation for a series of recoveries in 2010 and 2012 (the next elections).  What’s your take on what we can do to keep America viable over the next 3.5 years?