Wednesday round-up *UPDATED*

Original thoughts have fled my brain.  Still, with others thinking for me, I still perform a public service by passing their writings on to you.  In no particular order, and with more reliance on some sources than on others:

Robert Harris is a talented writer.  I have on my bedside table right now his most recent book, The Ghost, about a ghost writer, which I was able to pick up for $1.29 at Goodwill.  Right now, I don’t think I want to read it.  Why not?  Because Harris proves (again) that talent and morals are often utterly unrelated.  He likes Roman Polanski.  Others like Roman Polanski.  Roman Polanski is really talented.  So it’s just really unfair to pick on him for the fact that, a long time ago, Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old.  Let me repeat that last bit:  he drugged and raped a 13 year old.  We know he did because he’s said he did.  By the way, doesn’t this remind you of Obama’s defense of his own ghost writer, which is that Ayers admitted to crimes that happened so long ago, who really cares?  If your politics are good, all is forgiven.

By the way, on the same subject, when you read this list of Hollywood machers demanding Polanski’s release because it’s so unfair that he thought he could travel abroad safely, only to get himself arersted, ask yourself this question:  How many would be delighted to see Bush or Cheney arrested should they set foot on foreign soil?

Jake Tapper’s one of the good guys — an honest reporter.  Here, he has a very funny report about the reports on Obama’s deviations from truth in his press for ObamaCare.

These two interesting stories are completely unrelated, except that the both use the word “police”:  one is about a suspicious (to say the least) private police force takeover in Montana; the other about the complete collapse of the British constabulary, once one of the finest in the world.

Obama might be more effective in the Middle East peace process if he actually listened to the Palestinians.  Doing so, he’d learn that their number one concern isn’t settlements, it’s the horrors visited upon them by their own government.

More to follow.


See Steve Schippert on the dangerous (and, in a way, lazy) thinking now emerging from Biden’s mouth on the administration’s behalf with regard to Afghanistan.

John Stossel on lies, damn lies and Obama’s statistics.