Our American troops show extraordinary bravery and honor *UPDATED*

It was like a battle scene in an old Hollywood movie, when Americans still knew in their arts that American soldiers are ordinary Americans — good people — only braver and more honorable:

Fighting raged at two remote U.S. outpostsnear the Pakistan border this weekend, that left eight U.S. soldiers dead and 24 wounded. The battle was fought from Friday night through Sunday as hundreds of Taliban insurgents and their allies tried to overrun the Americans.

During the fighting, the insurgents succeeded in breaching the outer defense of the base at times before being repelled with the help of attack helicopters, fighter jets and drones. It was the bloodiest battle in a year for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.


Some of the injured refused to be MEDEVACED out of the combat zone and continued to fight despite their wounds, according to soldiers at the base. Soldiers told the MEDEVAC crew that troops were donating blood during the battle, so it could be transfused into wounded comrades.

Incidentally, the above story isn’t fronm the Military Times or another military paper that could be accused by jaded liberals of delivering propaganda to credulous American masses.  It’s a first hand story by an ABC correspondent.  Yes, that ABC, the one that, like the rest of the American media, really doesn’t like war and, by inevitable extension, isn’t so thrilled about the men and women who fight wars.  Sort of like our Commander in Chief, who refuses to talk to the generals under his command and who, even as he is rushing to remake 16% of the American  economy, just can’t decide about whether he really wants to support the American men and women who are fighting, bleeding and dying in Afghanistan.

UPDATE:  With stories like the one above, reports that Virginia is working to block military votes (which tend towards the Republican side of the spectrum) verge on the obscene.  (H/t:  Anchoress)