Obama wins the Peace Prize *UPDATED — FREQUENTLY*

By now you all know that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  After deciding that the Nobel Committee probably didn’t award it as a consolation prize for Obama’s having lost before the International Olympic Committee, I tried to figure out what “peace” the Nobel Committee meant.  After all, this is a guy so ineffectual that even Saturday Night Live points out that he does absolutely nothing.

I’ve decided that this is a preemptive prize, because the Committee looked ahead to the insane nuclear winter and global Muslim/non-Muslim war Obama’s fecklessness is bringing into being and they knew:  he makes a desert, and calls it peace.  Since the Committee can confidently expect that, once Obama does what he does best, there will be no more prizes, now was the time for a preemptive award.

UPDATE:  I dashed the above off pre-carpool.  I’ve now had a chance to think more.  This sets the seal on the Peace Prize’s irrelevancy.  People of various political stripes could defend some of the more disgusting awards (Arafat springs to mind), because they liked the effect these winners had on their chosen field.  In other words, Arafat may have been a disgusting, murderous warmonger, but he’d at least done something.  As I noted above, even Obama’s staunchest defenders can’t pretend he’s done anything at all, and certainly not in nine months.  The only thing he’s done is to be elected.

And that’s really what this is all about:  He is the change that anti-American Europe has been waiting for.  By being elected, he’s decimated America, and that’s what they want.  Because they view America as an aggressor nation, ion their minds having a non-aggressor in the White House — and, even better, a black(ish) non-aggressor — means America is disarmed, which itself is a form of peace.  They are too short-sighted, of course, to realize that America has been the guardian, not the aggressor.  With America gone, they’ll have they peace of the Muslim grave.

UPDATE II:  Obama was nominated on February 1 — 11 days after he took office.  That simply proves my point, that Europe recognizes him as the emasculator of America, which in itself is sufficient, to their stunted minds, to mean world peace.

UPDATE III:  We know anti-Americans have viewed Obama as a Messiah.  But if I remember the last Messiah who came along, say about 2000 years ago, there was some sacrifice involved.  This is the “Messiah-Lite” program, which in itself is an outrageously creepy idea.

UPDATE IV:  Some have suggested that Obama refuse the prize, which would make him less of a laughingstock.  A headline at BNO News, however, has Obama accepting the award “as a call to action.”  In other words, Obama fully agrees with the Europeans.  He too believes that, just by being Obama, he has conferred some sort of celestial blessing on the world.  He is, in his own mind, the embodiment of Hope.  In other words, he is a megalomaniac.  It will be interesting to see what he does with the prize money.

One other thing:  with few exceptions, both the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Literature Prize are given only to people who are anti-American.  It’s interesting that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee seized Obama up and concluded that he, too, is anti-American.

UPDATE V:  Apropos Obama’s decision to accept — there’s good reason to believe that he needs to tamp that ego down and put his acceptance on hold until the end of January 2013.  It seems that it’s unconstitutional for him to accept.  Although, the Constitution hasn’t stopped Obama before, so why should it stop him now?

UPDATE VI:  Even Jennifer Loven, who is probably the single most partisan AP reporter in the history of partisan AP reporters, can’t figure this one out.

UPDATE VII:  The Nobel Prize Committee was explicit that this prize is because Obama creates the hope of peace, rather than peace itself.  Certainly there’s been no peace since Obama’s become president and, in fact, things are worse, rather than better under his watch.  Given Obama’s failures, his goals and his limited number of actions, what’s really interesting is the type of peace the Committee envisions.  Recall that just the other day, the Obama administration cut funding to a group the monitors human rights in Iran.  This reminds us that peace isn’t always lion sleeping with the lamb, which is what most people envision.  To the Left, peace simply means the world under the thumb of a strong man — or, in the post Obama world, under the thumb of a strong religion.

UPDATE VIII:  Obama has announced that he will give the prize money to charity.  I have a suggestion:  Since the only thing Obama did to earn this prize was to get elected, why don’t we give the money to the people who actually created the election outcome, namely the American voters.  Turn the money over to the IRS, President Obama.

UPDATE IX:  I just checked my “real me” facebook account, which is liberal land.  Those few who have commented on it have expressed the same theme:  “I really like Obama, but this makes no sense.”  While many are very concerned that this move puts pressure on Obama to withdraw from Afghanistan (because he’s got to make the desert of peace in that country too, Cambodia-style), I wonder if this won’t make average Americans sit up and wonder what’s really going on with this president.  (See Big Lizard’s too, for suspicion about the timing vis a vis Afghanistan.)

UPDATE X:  Have you noticed that libs are more upset than conservatives?  We conservatives realized years ago that the Nobel Peace Prize was a joke and this is just more proof, as if we needed anyway.  To liberals, though, this is an “Emperor has no clothes” moment.  They truly respect the Nobel Prize and think it is a prestigious and meaningful award, never mind some of the yahoos to whom it’s been awarded.  Having it awarded to someone who has done nothing at all is frightening to them, because it might hint at the fact that conservative disdain for the Prize is rooted in reality.


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