Some advice from an insider on how to have an impact on your Congress person

Michele Bachmann was on KSFO, the local conservative talk radio station.  Someone who was listening to the show then sent around this email summing up her advice:

“Some of you have probably listened this morning to Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on KSFO. For those who did not, she suggested that all of us call our Senators and Congress men and woman every day. She said that the value of this is as high or higher than protesting. She said just call every day and say “I do not want government controlled health care, thank you” then hang up and call again the next day. She said that 1 call occasionally does little but 10,000 per day do a lot. I’m going to try it, how about you?”

By the way, here’s a handy-dandy way to get those phone numbers.

And if you need a reminder why your call matters, just read this, about the Night of the Living Public Option, a story about the undead scarier than any horror movie out of Hollywood.