Saturday morning must-reads

I’m hustling off to the last soccer game of the season, but I have a must-read for you:  Jennifer Rubin explaining some of the Constitutional nuances our White House seems to miss.

Michele Bachmann — a true neocon, dedicated to liberty.

A fascinating account of the moral price educational institutions pay for taking federal funds.

One of my favorite books ever is Max Dimont’s Jews, God, and History: 2nd Edition.  In it, he discusses the different ways in which Jesus and Hillel formulated the Golden Rule.  Jesus made it an affirmative:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Hillel made it a negative:  “Do not do unto others as they do not do unto you.”  If I remember correctly, Dimont analogized the different formulations to the differences between State and Federal mandates under the Constitution.  The Feds have limited, strictly defined powers, with everything else reserved to the state.  Simply enough, really, when you think about it, but appear still not simple enough for some people, especially on the Left.

Mark Steyn on a Saturday.  Need I say more?