Interesting stuff this morning *UPDATED*

I feel as if there’s a big post building inside of me, but I have no idea what it is.  Right now, I’m just reading other people’s stuff, which I’ll pass on to you here (along with my inevitable comments, of course);

The mother of a 9/11 victim explains to Holder, very clearly, why the decision to put KSM on trial in New York’s federal court is a bad idea.  Lindsay Graham, the loose cannon of the right, also comes out shooting in the proper direction, when he asks Holder about the inevitable Miranda rights for terrorists.

Karl Rove notes the procedure behind Obama’s announcement about the KSM trial:  it was a Friday news dump, which is Obama’s standard approach to releasing stories he knows will disgust and offend people.  People are getting wise, though, and the Friday dumps aren’t hiding the news any more.

American Thinker is on fire today, with several articles that I think are just great:  a comparison between mass murderer Jim Jones and ACORN maven Wade Rathke; an optimistic assessment (if you’re a conservative) of the 2010 election prospects; a reminder of why I now use Bing, not Google, as my search engine (although I’m still dependent on my gmail); and a round-up of a few liberal sites that are beginning to figure out that they worshipped a false Messiah.

The President’s war on the pro-capitalism Chamber of Commerce is having its effect at the grass roots level.  Protesters greeted the CofC’s convention in San Francisco.  The shallowness of the protesters’ understanding about what capitalism is about, and the way in which they are being used by Gore-ian profit-seeking “environmentalists” is perfectly illustrated by the quotation that closes the article:  “The Chamber of Commerce is so 20th century,” said Danny Kennedy, co-founder of Sungevity, a Berkeley solar energy firm. “The story of the 21st century is solving climate change, creating green-collar jobs and a clean economy. We need to kick (the chamber) into the dustbin where they belong.”

I don’t know her political affiliation, but I have to assume that a departing member of the College of Marin Board of Trustees is a conservative — or should be.  After serving on that board for awhile, she’s finally figured something out about unions:  In her final appearance as a member of the College of Marin board, Trustee Annan Paterson launched a Parthian shot at the faculty union, accusing professors of bullying and intimidating both students and fellow teachers.  [para.] “The antics of a small group of leaders who are chronically angry, mean and small-time bullies come across as just that to the community at large,” Paterson said in the closing moments of Tuesday’s board meeting. “This type of union leadership is caustic and does not serve the faculty well.”  The union members claim not to have used classroom time to campaign against Paterson, but I’m inclined to believe Paterson, not the union.

Got to run.  Updates with follow.

Here’s the more I promised:

Does it surprise any of you that the White House is shrinking its annual Hannukah party by 50%?  Doesn’t surprise me.  Might surprise a few Jews around America, though.

At the Corner, you can read about the way in which Jeffrey Toobin misinforms New Yorker readers (as if the readers of that magazine need more misinformation in their lives).  That’s another thing that doesn’t surprise me, as I discovered years ago that the much admired Toobin (I used to admire him myself, because he’s a clear writer, although a less than clear or honest thinker) has been a font of misinformation before.

The sharks are circling and Obama is the new chum.  It’s good news for those of us who always believed Obama was a con man, but it’s only helpful if the growing disenchantment clips his wings before he can do too much lasting damage at home and abroad.  Maybe part of the problem is that he’s making it up as he goes along.  I mean, come on — the guys got a whole State Department devoted to giving him rules of conduct.  He’s either failing to consult them, or he’s ignoring them, or they are as inept as he is.

And more:

If you want the good news hidden behind the bad news, Michael Fumento contends that, as with so many things, the media is conning is about the swine flu.  It’s not that bad:  “What’s truly unprecedented about this swine flu is its incredible mildness. The CDC estimates seasonal flu annually kills 36,000 Americans, again spread over four months. That compares to 4,000 swine-flu deaths in the current cycle. The seasonal-flu death rate therefore ranges from 0.06 percent to 0.24 percent, while the CDC estimate puts it at only 0.0182 percent for swine flu. So seasonal flu is three to twelve times deadlier per case.”