Friday morning open thread *UPDATED*

I’ve been on the go since 6 a.m. and am only now sitting down at the computer — where I have 6 minutes until my next “on the go moment.”  I’ll be back here as of 10:30 my time and I finally figured out what I want to write about.

I’ll let you guys write about the fact that Reid is planning to vote on his 2,000+ health care bill, complete with abortion payments, massive taxes, etc., tomorrow evening.

UPDATE:  One more thing to chew on:  the flood of leaks from the White House about Afghanistan.  In other words, the news isn’t just the leaks’ contents, it’s the leaks’ existence.  No wonder swelling tide of voters, still inexplicably charmed by “Obama the man,” desperately wants to clip his wings.

UPDATE II:  This story, about Michelle being friendly to Oprah when Oprah was useful during the election, and now giving her the cold shoulder, says so much about Michelle’s angry, hostile, defensive personality, doesn’t it?  And this is the person who is closest to a president who is himself angry, hostile and defensive.  What have the voters wrought?  I know that somethings I find myself thinking longingly, not just of Clinton, but even of Carter.  During the campaign, I mentioned repeatedly that I worried that Obama would be Carter redux.  Who knew that he’d be worse?