Some Republican lawmakers are standing up for the SEALS

Mudville Gazette reports that some Republican lawmakers haven’t forgotten the three SEALS facing court-martial for having given a fat lip to a suspected Al Qaeda murderer during his arrest.

This is no little thing.  SEALS are the creme de la creme of our military forces.  If they’ve done wrong, that’s one thing.  But if they haven’t, if these man are being pilloried and their careers destroyed because the military is yielding to the Left’s demand that it become a warm, cuddly, friendly force that doesn’t offend people in Leftist designated victim classes, what’s happening now is a travesty and a horror.

We need to pay attention.  Or, as that hoary old Leftist, Arthur Miller, said in his dreary polemic, Death of a Salesman:  “Attention must be paid.”