A strong defense for Earl Southers

Obama’s nominee for heading the TSA, Earl Southers, is under a lot of fire, for being duplicitous, incompetent, antisemitic, anti-Christian, and ill-informed — in other words, soft on the real terrorism that faces America.  Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, writing at the Long War Journal, says that these accusations do not represent Southers’ true record, and that he is in fact a very qualified candidate for the position.

Not only do I find the post substantively interesting, I think it also highlights that it is as easy for bad information to become the dominant paradigm as it is for good — and that’s despite the availability of almost all possible information on the internet, and the hundreds of thousands of people vetting it.  Once a theory starts, it takes off, irrespective of facts.  John Hawkins, at Right Wing News, makes the same point, using misinformation about the Tea Parties as the starting point for a reminder about the crude behavior that characterized so many anti-War rallies during the Bush years.

Hat tip:  Steve Schippert