Obama uses teleprompters when giving speech to elementary school students

I’m rushing around a bit this morning (kids are off school, housekeepers coming, fitness class, etc.), but I just had to stop for a minute and share with you this amazing photograph of Barack Obama, in an elementary school classroom, surrounded by teleprompters.  It seems to me to be the most perfect symbol of the sham behind all that pre-election talk about his intelligence, his Messiah-ship, his connection to the world and to youth, etc.  This man is an empty suit.

It’s also irrelevant to me if other presidents used teleprompters before 3rd graders.  As I said, this photograph isn’t some exposé — we all know he’s dependent on those little screens — it’s just a symbol of the man’s basic emptiness, something carefully hidden from the voters in the year leading up to Election Day 2008.