Four things that are interesting *UPDATED*

I’ve had four tabs open in my browser all day, and want to pass them along to you before they get lost.

The first two are from England, and touch upon two issues I often raise here:  the reasonable accommodations a democracy has to make for minorities and the fact that Britain is becoming Germany, cir. 1933-1938.

The third one I’ve been saving is a beautiful post Anchoress wrote about how sex-obsessed our culture is, and how hostile our media is not to Christians (not Buddhists or Muslims, but Christians) who voluntarily withdraw from that obsession.

And the fourth post I want you to read is about a town that is so rare it sounds more like Brigadoon, than a real place:  It’s a town that has no debt.

UPDATE:  Uh, make that five things:  the government is planning on embarking on a massive jobs program.  It’s a decennial kind of thing, with just a little Constitutional nudging, but you can bet the Obami will tout it as evidence of their superior job creation skills.

(Please pardon me as I periodically start lapsing into “blogging in tongues,” writing in a language that bears some similarities to English, but lacks its intelligibility.  I have corrected my most recent error but you all should feel free to point it out when I write nonsense.)