Politics and parenting, Part II *UPDATED*

I find it amusing that, one day after my long rumination about the different parenting styles my liberal husband and I have, with both our styles accurately reflecting our politics, the blogosphere is awash in stories about the way in which Barack Obama, eschewing having the whole federal government act in loco parentis, tries himself to be everybody’s minatory daddy.  So far in my reading, Politico, American Thinker, Hot Air, and Jennifer Rubin have all tackled our nagger in chief.  Just as an adult feels himself superior to a small child, so too does Obama feel himself infinitely superior to every one of us.  And as our superior, he clearly feels that he is entitled to lecture us as to the errors permeating our every thought and action.

One of my favorite lines in TV was one uttered in Cheers.  Diane’s mother, meeting Sam for the first time, says to him, “Why, Sam, you’re almost as handsome as Diane says you think you are.”  Ah!  If only our president was even half as good as he thinks he is.  Jennifer Rubin was on fire today at Commentary pointing out all the ways in which he’s failed, most notably his complete and dangerous disinterestedness in foreign policy that doesn’t involve active worship at the Obama shrine, and his patently obvious dislike for a free press.  That may be an appropriate attitude for a Russian oligarch, but it’s an appalling attitude for the head of the first nation in the world to enshrine free speech, let alone for the first president in America to have had a media so obeisant that it willing gave up large chunks of its own freedom.  The wonderful Don Surber has more.

UPDATE:  Mary Katharine Hamm predicted all this two years ago.  (And of course, all those who read Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism could have seen this coming.)

I don’t like Nanny States.  First the government tells you what’s good for you.  Then the government tells you you’re no longer good for it.  Goodbye, environmentally pure health farm!  Hello, concentration camp and gas chamber!