If I was king of the United States — by guest blogger Danny Lemieux

Most if not all of us that follow and participate in the Bookworm Room agree that our country is in very serious trouble. Most of us would also agree that government is a cesspool of profligate waste.

So, I would like to position us as solution providers. Can we put our heads together and, assuming that we were elected Kings and could rule by legislative fiat, determine what we would do in order to bring government spending down to manageable levels? Can we come up with ideas that would really make a difference?

Here is one proposed solution to get things started:

The Dept. of Energy (DOE) was created in 1977 to bring America to energy independence. With a budget of approximately $25 billion per year, I think that after 33 years we can say that it is a demonstrable failure. Solution: eliminate the DOE and allocate necessary research projects into military, National Science Foundation and other organizations as necessary.

More ideas?