Are Bay Area conservatives willing to emerge from their seclusion?

[Posted earlier and moved to the top, because momentum is building.]

Are Bay Area conservatives willing to emerge from their seclusion?  Bay Area Patriots (“BAP”) certainly hopes so.  On Sunday, March 7, 2010, in Mill Valley, California, BAP is hosting a Conservative Groupa-Palooza that BAP hopes will be the largest gathering to date of that beleaguered species:  the San Francisco Bay Area conservative.   BAP encourages conservative groups and individuals to attend.  You can learn more about it and RSVP (for a pretty nominal fee) here.

I have a few predictions:

1.  The Groupa-Palooza will be surprisingly well attended.

2.  The conservatives in attendance will achieve something approaching euphoria  simply because they can be open about their political views.

3.  There will be fringe, crackpot groups attending, such as Ron Paulians, just to name one of the less savory groups that self-affiliates with the conservative party.  There will also be some Birthers who haven’t yet acknowledged that the birth certificate ship has already sailed.

4.  No matter how small the percentage of fringe groups in attendance, those are the only groups that will get media attention.