This past week at the Watcher’s Council, some really good posts won

Okay, awkward post title, but I just felt like writing something different and the options are limited.  It was a good week at the Watcher’s Council, though, with some overwhelmingly good posts in the running, with the result that some overwhelmingly good posts won:

Winning Council Submissions

Winning Non-Council Submissions

Also, I wanted to let you know that we’ve had a changing of the guard at the Watcher’s Council. Terry Trippany, who shepherded the Watcher’s Council so ably for the last years of the first decade of the 21st Century, has retired. To the unanimous acclaim of Watcher’s everywhere, Soccer Dad will be taking over that role, and Terry will retire to the wings to oversee things and continue to help out with technical issues. I am most grateful to both of them.