Unions, fake greenery and the economics of health care

California should be afraid, really, really afraid.  Andy Stern has announced that, with Obama’s failure to come through, the unions are going to focus on California with a vengeance.  And just FYI, Babs Boxer is embracing the unions with open arms.

Two green stories for you:  The first is a reminder that most “green” stuff is just meaningless PR that inconveniences ordinary people.  The second lets us know to hang on to our wallets when we’re near committed greenies.  They are untrustworthy.

And lastly, one for the “when you’ve lost the New York Times, you’ve lost America” file:  a New York Times economics piece that speaks well of Rep. Paul Ryan and that dares to suggest that the current plan on the table will not (contrary to Democratic assurances) lower costs.