About the “historic” nature of the vote

One of my conservative friends (yes, there are other conservatives here in Marin) commented on the fact that Pelosi and Co. keep saying the health care vote will be “historic,” as if that’s automatically a good thing.  Herewith a short list of historic events (in no particular order) that I’d prefer not to see replicated:

1.  The Black Death

2.  The Spanish Inquisition

3.  The Hundred Years War

4.  The Thirty Years War

5.  World War I

6.  World War II

7.  Kennedy’s Assassination

8.  MLK’s Assassination

9.  The Tiananmen Square Massacre

10.  The Armenian Genocide

11.  The York Massacre

12.  Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

13.  The Battle of Antietam

14.  The Bataan Death March

I’m sure you can readily think of other “historic” events that weren’t automatically good simply by virtue of being historic.

Our country is being run by idiots.  I hope Americans have memories long enough for a solid November backlash.  In an MTV world, where so many people boast a 10 second attention span, I worry.