Raise your hand if you believe Obama actually prays with his Blackberry *UPDATED*

Shortly after I started practicing law, the California State Bar decided mandated that all lawyers must comply with annual “Minimum Continuing Legal Education” (“MCLE”) requirement.  I was instantly incensed, because it was immediately obvious to me that this had nothing to do with improving the practice of law and everything to do with providing a permanent customer base for organizations providing class content.

Big firms were allowed to offer “in house” MCLE, which, depending on the firm, could mean a beautifully structured education program or just a hoary old partner standing before a room full of bored associates droning on about his past trial victories.  Either approach would be sufficient to fulfill the Bar’s requirements.  For those without the big firm outlet, MCLE meant going into the market place.

Lawyers with pricey practices at their back would take the same cool seminars (these, for example) that they intended to take anyway.  These seminars are expensive, averaging about $100 per MCLE hour.

Those lawyers without a lot of money at their back hunted around for affordable MCLE, costing between $12 and $25 per hour.  A marketplace did spring up for these seminars, and I can tell you something about them:  they’re awful.  They’re a giant con aimed at satisfying a blanket requirement from a regulatory agency.  Fortunately, as the decades have passed, more and more of these awful ones have gone on line, which means you can run them in the background with the volume off or fill out the “tests” with the answers online open before you, and fulfill your requirement.  No learning necessary; just pay your fees, ignore the stupid content, and play the bureaucratic game.

At this point, you’re wondering what in the world this has to do with Barack Obama, right?

Well, it has to do with the emerging truth that this “religious” man who spent two decades in the pews of a church devoted to a religion centered on black self-aggrandizement, antisemitism, and hatred for whites and America, just can’t seem to find a satisfactory church in church-rich Washington, D.C.  To offset this problem, he’s turned to technology:

So when he needs a little inspiration in the mornings, Mr Obama revealed today that all he has to do is read the daily prayer emailed to him from pastors around America.

‘It’s a wonderful thing,’ the president said of his hi-tech devotionals.

I’m perfectly willing to believe that Obama does indeed get prayers emailed to his handheld.  I have serious doubts that he reads them.  I suspect that, like the lawyers buying their cheap and useless MCLE hours, Obama goes through the charade without any intention of dealing with the substance.

UPDATEHot Air catches Obama explaining that his wonderfulness is the reason no ordinary church can hold him.