Did you know that the Tea Party Express is rolling?

Although the Bay Area has a fierce core of conservatives, it is certainly not a bastion of the Tea Party movement.  Many of us, like butterflies newly released from a chrysalis, are for the first time delicately flapping the wings of our ideology.  We’re not out on the streets in vast numbers, although the success of prior Tea Party protests here has been impressive and invigorating.

I especially am not out on the streets, in large part because I don’t do well in crowds.  It might be that I’m somewhat agoraphobic, but I think the real problem is that I was raised in San Francisco and Berkeley in the 1960s and 1970s.  The violent street protests around me left me with a visceral fear of being in the middle of a political protest.  For example, I’ve only recently come to terms with the musical Oliver, which really shouldn’t be that incendiary topic.  But the fact is that, when I saw that movie with my parents back in 1968 (I was six years old), we emerged from the Market Street movie theater (i.e., downtown) into the middle of a anti-Vietnam War protest, completely with stink bombs.  I vomited for hours — and a complex was born.

That Tea Party protests are well mannered doesn’t change my fear of protests, any and all protests, a fear that is right up there on the irrationality scale with my fear of garter snakes.  (Yes, I know they’re almost entirely harmless, but I still get cold sweats when I see one.)

All of the above is a long apol0gy and explanation for my failure to apprise you the Tea Party Express that is rolling along in the United States.  A wonderful place for daily updates is The Radio Patriot, since Andrea Shea King has been part of the Express since its inception.

The Tea Party Tour’s own website is here.  In their sidebar, you can see if the patriotic protest will be at a town near you.  Our support — and by “our” I mean those Americans committed to core Constitutional principles of individual responsibility and political freedom — is imperative.

As you know, the liberal side of the political divide, from Barack Obama on down, has been working hard to reframe you and your neighbors as wild-eyed, violent, racist, homophobic nuts, who want to cast America into some bizarre political dimension that rolls Jim Crow, 19th Century plutocracy, sharia law regarding women, and death to all homosexuals in one neat, Tea Party package.  In other words, the left is trying to make your neighbors believe that, if Tea Party ideals are integrated into the American body politic, we’ll all be living in Iran, with a dash of the Sudan thrown in for good measure.  (The Sudanese government, as you may recall, after systematically killing and purging its Christian population, turned its loving attention to its black Muslim population, which got the same treatment as the Christians did.)

So please, if you have a blog, promote the Tea Party Express.  And if the Tea Party Tour rolls into a town near you, and if you don’t have my little crowd-phobia, carve out some time to get and visit with fellow Tea Partiers in your community.  I bet you’ll be glad you did.  Indeed, if the Express came near me (which it doesn’t), and if I could overcome my fears, I bet I’d have lots of fun too!

Cross-posted at Right Wing News