“I now pronounce us officially defenseless” Open Thread *UPDATED*

You know the story:  Obama has informed the world that we won’t use our nuclear weapons unless some rogue regime strikes.  Aside from the fact that he’s now tacitly admitted that he’s not going to stop Iran from going nuclear, he’s also announced to every nuclear nation in the world that the U.S. is surrendering in advance.  China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, etc., are all thinking maybe there really is a God, because their prayers have been answered.

Or at least that’s my take.  What about yours?

P.S.  Before you comment, read AllahPundit’s more nuanced take of Obama’s many layers of nuance.  Drudge’s breathless headline is over-the-top (which even I had figured out), so AllahPundit takes the time to deconstruct things.  Honestly, though, I still think my first reaction is right on the money, which is that Chinese and Russian leaders are dancing in the street, and Iran now has the final proof it needs that Obama is just going to sit there and do nothing while it creates a nuclear arsenal, nicely aimed, not at the U.S., but at Europe and Israel.

UPDATE:  I always feel that the intelligence of my thinking is confirmed when I discover that Jennifer Rubin and I are in sync.  Which we are.