SEIU under fire at Northern California Kaisers

I’m generally not a union fan, because I believe that unions have become inherently corrupt organizations that stifle business growth in America, something that harms the very people they’re supposed to represent.  At the government level, government unions have completely gained the upper hand, so much so that the government merely signs the checks, without considering that gold-plated pension plans are economically unsustainable.  In other words, with too much power vested in them, unions, rather than being helpful, and balancing power between labor and management, have become a parasite that will eventually kill the host.

Which is why I found very interesting a flyer that was lying around Kaiser when I went today for help with a vexing, albeit ultimately benign, problem.  (Kaiser, incidentally, gave me wonderful treatment — swift, attentive and courteous).  Anyway, for your consideration, I present a volley in one union’s war against SEIU hegemony: