A brilliant parody from Reader Tonestaple

I did a very little post about Obama’s meaningless rhetoric and, with a nod to Lerner and Lowe, I titled it “Words, words, words.  I’m so sick of Obama’s words.”  Tonestaple, in the comment section, came back with something much better:

With deepest apologies to Lerner & Lowe:

Words, words, words
I’m so sick of words
I get words all day through,
First from Gibbs, now from you!
Is that all you wankers can do?

Don’t talk of oil filling the Gulf
We’ve heard enough, show me!
Tell me no tales of how you’re enraged
It won’t assuage.  Show me!

Don’t you ever want to be the one who says exact-
ly what you mean? Speak only facts.
No one really cares how you are feeling ‘bout the spill;
Just that you won’t let them drill.

Don’t you know now is not the time
For you to whine.  Show me!  Show me!
Don’t talk about anger and rage
You are not Oprah on stage.
Show me now!

None of us care how you’re feeling
We want results.  Show me!
Don’t talk of boots on someone’s neck.
Don’t talk at all!  Show me!

Don’t you know that OPA 90 says you should have had a plan?
It should be there right in your hands.
Everywhere the oil is one big spreading sheen
Say one more word and we’ll scream!

Don’t you think now is a good time
To get off the dime?  Show me!  Show me!
Don’t wait until wrinkles and lines pop out all over my brow!
Show me now!

My brilliant readers spoil me rotten.