Thinking outside the box

Mr. Bookworm called to me today:  “Israel did it again.”  I can’t fault him for his viewpoint.  This is what happens to people who read only the New York Times.  To them, it is always Israel’s fault, because that’s what they’re told to think.  The possibility that there might be more going on is inconceivable.

But Israel does need to change its strategy, that’s for sure.  After all, everything is a set-up.  These are not battles for territory or borders — they are battles for world media attention and visceral emotional reactions in countries and people that aren’t 100% on board with Israel’s right to exist.  In this ideological box, every Palestinian and activist death is a victory, not a defeat.  And every time they avoid death and achieve their goals is also a victory and not a defeat.

I’m not saying I know how Israel should handle these “damned if you do and damned if you don’t situations,” but somehow Israel needs to start thinking outside of the box.  Because the box is always damned.

See also Brutally Honest, who realizes just how damned Israel was with this one.

Also, the difference in reactions between Left and Right isn’t limited just to my own house.