Atlas Shrugs is the news today

Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller’s website, is ordinarily a phenomenal place, and it’s “shame on me” that I don’t link to it more often.  Today, however, there are two posts there that mandate links from all bloggers.  The first because it’s a fascinating link and the second because it’s an important link for every blogger who supports freedom of speech and commerce.

The first link involves the Egyptian President’s claim that Obama told him, in private, “I am a Muslim.”  Now, the Egyptian president could be engaged in a bit of confabulation to impress the audience back home.  Egyptian presidents have been known to do that.

For example, during the Six Day War, back in 1967, Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser, got on the phone with King Hussein of Jordan and boasted about Egypt’s spectacular military victories. This was an out-and-out lie. Nasser was engaged in some serious face-saving and Hussein, who had been educated in Britain, took those statements at face value. Rather than sending Nasser the help he so desperately needed, Hussein pretty much congratulated Nasser on his victory, hung up the phone, and was surprised to learn later that the Egyptian military had been decimated. So, Egyptian presidents lie.

Having said that, however, we also know that American presidents lie, and that Barack Obama is probably the champion liar in the White House.  Unlike all other presidents who lie to cover up sins, this president lies reflexively in the way of all narcissists — in any given conversation, he will say what will enhance him in the eyes of the audience to that particular conversation.  In other words, lying isn’t just about self-protection, it’s also about self-aggrandizement.  What better way to solidify your standing with the Egyptian president than to announce, fairly credibly given your own history, that you are a Muslim.

I continue to believe that Obama is not a Muslim.  I also do not believe he is a Christian, or an animist, or a Hindu, or a devotee of any other type of religion.  To the extent he has a belief system, he’s a socialist.  And to the extent he has a God, that God is the man he sees before him every time he looks in the mirror.  I think my take on Obama is even more worrisome than the notion of a covert Muslim in the White House.

Okay, that’s the first link at Atlas Shrugs.

The second link is just as disturbing, and it touches all of us:  Pamela Geller has been banned from PayPal because PayPal has classified her as a “hate” site.  As Geller points out, pro-Palestinian organizations that advance the destruction of Israel are not hate sites, but Geller, who seeks to optimize freedom everywhere in the world is.  Hating Jews is not hate, apparently.  Writing fact-filled stories (often with video evidence or citations to original sources) that call Muslims on the misogyny, antisemitism and homophobia is hate.  Only on the Left,  my friends.

The problem here, of course, is that PayPal is a very important site on the Left.  We all use it, whether to give or receive.  When PayPal starts making calls like this, unless we get a little competition from a similarly trusted escrow service (because that, essentially, is what PayPal is), we’re all up ordure creek, paddle-free.  Here’s Pamela’s request for help:

Want to make a contribution to my fight?

Mail a check to Pamela Geller, PO Box 121, 1040 1st Avenue, NY NY 10022. Until I beat those pathetic Paypal pussies. Unbelievable.

If you want to send an email directly to the Acceptable Use Policy Department, here is the email address: [email protected] (hat tip Daryl)

And as an aside, is this a good place to mention something my readers have commented upon and that I’ve learned through emails? Namely, that YouTube removed that viral Latma video called “We con the world”?  More decent sites than YouTube have made the video available.  I’m reposting it here.