A tribute to Obama

Long before Obama appeared on the scene, we’ve all commented here (and I’ve written at some length) about the amazing parallelism between the Harry Potter world and the real world when it comes to the Western world’s approach to Islamic terrorism.  There was almost an artistic perfection to the fact that, when Obama became president, his administration deleted “Islamic terrorism” from all national security documents.  This perfectly (and frighteningly) paralleled the wizarding world’s decision to refer to Voldemart as “he who must not be named.”  As the brilliant Hermoine pointed out, you cannot fight an enemy you refuse to name.

The above is old news to Bookworm Room readers.  Reader Lulu, however, hasn’t stopped thinking about President Obama and the Harry Potter series.  She realized that J.K. Rowling not only anticipated the Jihad now being actively waged against the West, she also wrote Obama into her books:


(For those of you unfamiliar with the books, you’ll be interested to know that, not only was Gilderoy Lockhart a vain poseur, he was also a fake, utterly lacking in magical skills.)