Three candidates I want to put on your radar

There are three House candidates I want to put on your radar.  The first is Renee Ellmers, in North Carolina, who is running against the abnormally aggressive Bob Etheridge.  You can get a sense of Ellmer’s calm good sense in this video, in which she discusses Etheridge’s insane behavior, and offers herself as a reasonable alternative:


(By the way, you know that the world has turned upside down when Glenn Greenwald is the voice on the Left making an ethical, rational and entirely appropriate argument to the effect that there is no defense for Etheridge’s behavior.)

The second candidate is David Benning, who is challenging Henry Waxman, California’s perennial far Left candidate.  If you want to have an inkling as to what’s wrong in Congress, think about the fact that Waxman has been breathing (and contributing to) that Foggy Bottom swamp air for 36 years!  A friend of mine has been working on Benning’s campaign, and says he’s the real deal:  a good human being, incredibly competent, pro-business, fiscally conservative, and pro-Israel.  He understands the concepts for small government at home and high security abroad.  If you’re in Waxman’s district, there is an alternative.

The third candidate I’d like you to meet is Bob Stephens, who is running for the California assembly.  I appreciate that his is not a national candidacy but, if you believe that, as California goes, so goes the nation, and if you watch California’s precipitous slide into bankruptcy and general chaos, you understand that Californians need to send quality people to Sacramento.  Bob is one of those people.  His sole goal is to force fiscal responsibility onto an out-of-control state government.  He’s no Chris Christie (who is?), but he’s intelligent, committed, informed, and uninterested in becoming a fixture in Sacto.  He wants to clean things up and come home to his family.