The former Spanish prime minister reminds us that the past had different standards

It tells you how quickly the world is moving that José María Aznar was prime minister in Spain as recently as 2004.  It’s impossible today to imagine any current world leader, including our own President, writing this about Israel.

I’ve posted Aznar’s message on both of my facebook sites, emailed it to all my friends, and am publishing it here.  I urge you to broadcast it to as many people as possible too.  What he says is very important.  Also, to the extent he’s proposing the creation of a Friends of Israel initiative, we should keep our eyes open.

Change happens quickly.  As I go through my old posts (I’m trying to consolidate them in one place with an eye towards publication), I was surprised to learn that the whole man-made global warming hypothesis was still gathering steam in the popular consciousness as late as 2006.  Somehow I thought that Al Gore’s drum beating had effectively robbed the world of common sense long before that.