Paying work Open Thread

The recession has been a mixed blessing for me.  On the one hand, I’ve had almost no work.  And on the other hand, I’ve had almost no work.  You see, while I miss the income, it’s been an incredible relief to have some time.  My family keeps me plenty busy, and I was just running out of steam when the recession hit.  Since my clients’ work vanished, mine did too, and I breathed something between a mere sigh and a sigh of relief last year.

Things are starting to perk up a little, though, and for economic reasons, I need to jump on the legal work that’s coming my way.  I’d still prefer to blog, not work, but there are bills to pay, and I need to keep my legal mind in fighting trim.

I’ll get back to the blog later today (God willing).  Also, tonight I’m going to a symposium about the new antisemitism, and I may have stuff to report about that tomorrow.

Until then, please enjoy yourself here.  Suggested topics:

  1. Byrd’s death (may he RIP, and I hope for his sake that God’s not black);
  2. Obama’s leveler attempts at the G20 (God forbid America should recover unless all the other places recover equally);
  3. the Supreme Court’s wonderful gun rights decision (made possible by only one vote); and
  4. the Kagan hearings (speaking of that “made possible by only one vote”).