The virulence of race issues in Obama’s post-racial America

I know more than one liberal who voted for Obama, despite conceding his total unpreparedness for the job, solely because he was black.  These liberals were utterly unconcerned that they were elevating to the Presidency of the most powerful nation on earth, during a time of economic chaos and heightened national security concerns (not to mention two wars), a man whose resume showed no accomplishments whatsoever beyond writing a book, teaching some law classes, and getting elected as a Senator (state and federal).   He was black.  That was all they needed to know.

Given their state of mind, I think these liberals would happily have voted Alvin Greene into the White House if there hadn’t been an Obama.  They were sublimely confident that Obama’s mere presence would heal America’s racial problems once and for all.  And if by “healing America’s racial problems” these self-righteous race zealots meant that this would throw race relationships in America into a state of turmoil unknown since the worst years of the Civil Rights movement, they got what they wanted.

Zombie — with photos, of course — looks at the racial meter in America now that we have our first post-racial president.  ‘Cause this is Zombie, it’s fairly amusing, of course, but it sure isn’t pretty.

Having said all that, there is the possibility that Obama’s election will have one expected benefit:  the term “racist,” which is currently suffering from farcical overuse, will be reduced in emotional intensity, until it has the same value as calling someone a “varmint” or a “marroon.”  In other words, to be called a “racist,” rather than galvanizing people into ferociously self-abasing apologies and acts, won’t rise beyond the silly script of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon.