Completely vermischt

In German, vermischt means intermingled, mixed; in Yiddish, it means confused, presumably because ones brain is all mixed up.  Almost two months into summer, the Yiddish definition perfectly describes my brain.  I am lost in space, unanchored to time.

I’ve known since we booked the airplane ticket that my son was leaving  to visit relatives on August 2.  I also knew that he was leaving on a Tuesday.  It never occurred to me to check my two absolutes to see whether both existed in the same reality.

As it happened, August 2 was the correct version of this particular time-space continuum.  Had I not received a lovely email late last night from the relative at the other end asking if everything was still good to go, I would have gotten my son to the airport exactly 24 hours late.

Can you wonder that I’m not blogging much these past few days?  My brain is drifting aimlessly, trying without effect to grasp something, anything, that will start my synapses firing.  I read the news stories, stories that normally fascinating me, and just drift off.

And really, how excited can one get this summer about yet another story showing the one of Obama’s appointees is a collectivist antisemite; or about the fact that America’s premier historian was a Communist, a word that has no fearful resonance for the same Americans “educated” through this same Communist’s writings; and we all know that Pete Stark is a mean-spirited lunatic, so nobody pays any attention when he truthfully states that the federal government is out of control.

I think I need a vacation.  And yes, that’s what I will be getting.  Yay!  I’m still around for the next few days, but then I take off for two and a half weeks.  I’m certain this will be a good vacation too, since I will not have to cook, shop or in any other way prepare or even think about food (except, of course, for thinking about what I want other people to serve me).  That, my friends, is my idea of a truly good time.

This blog, however, will not be neglected during that time.  First of all, I’m optimistic that I’ll get a little more blogging in before I leave.  Also, although I’m not 100% certain what kind of internet access I’ll have, or when I’ll have it, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get to a computer periodically, even if it is only for iPhone blogging.

But here’s the really exciting announcement:  Don Quixote has promised to post while I’m away, and I’ve encouraged him to have Mrs. Don post too.  That should keep things very lively.