“KKK Hall to be built at Gettysburg”

I was thinking of headlines to rival the one I saw this morning:

Landmark vote opens door to Ground Zero mosque

For true parallelism, you can’t have as the new occupier the same person or entity that caused the deaths at the site. Instead, you have to have the fellow-travelers, the ideological descendants, the spiritual soul mates, the ones who have never given up on or repented the original theory leading to the massacre. These are my ideas:

KKK Meeting Hall to be built near Gettysburg site

Neo-Nazis build recreation center at Auschwitz

Pol Pot family to build resort center on “Killing Fields”

Of course, were any of the above to happen, one would hear the roar of outrage from one end of the media and the self-anointed elite to the other (especially if the first was to happen).  However, in an age that sees the political elite driven in equal parts by political correctness and a never-acknowledged fear of the violence that lies at the heart of Islam, the bureaucrats approve this desecration and the media stays silent.

And it is a desecration, because this mosque is about conquest.  This is not a mosque that is being urged on the site by sheer coincidence or as an act of contrition.  It is being financed and built by the ideological soul mates of the same men who hijacked four planes; crashed into two towers, one low-lowing building, and a field; and caused almost 3,000 deaths on a single horrible morning. The conquerors march and the quislings bow.  Feh.